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AFL finalist in prestigious Danish Aarhus design competition

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AFL finalist in prestigious Danish Aarhus design competition

AFL has announced that it has been one of three finalists for a new Stadium in Aarhus, Denmark.

The competition saw teams submit design proposals for the new stadium, based in Aarhus, Denmark. AFL’s design, was led at AFL by senior architect Rita Ochoa and was in collaboration with local Danish architects, Cobe and Buro Happold and Turner & Townsend. With sustainability at the heart of the new stadium, the project had an ambitious sustainability strategy with upcycling and reuse of building components from the existing stadium which is only 20 years old. It also reflected its cultural heritage with the facade concept based on the idea of a cone in the clearing of the forest, with facade scales inspired by the leaves of the trees of Kongelunden - filtering light and atmosphere.

Rita Ochoa comments, “The Aarhus design competition is one of the most prestigious design competitions in Europe so we were delighted to be recognised by the judging panel as one of the finalists. Thank you to all the team including local partner, Cobe architects in Copenhagen and other industry stakeholders including Buro Happold and Turner & Townsend.”