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The natural integration between our core sectors leads our teams to discover new ways of thinking, unearth new ideas and create flexible, lasting environments.

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Sports & Leisure

Our designs are crafted from experiences worth remembering.

Creating a stirring atmosphere is a journey of multi-faceted decisions, from the first conversation to the final kick-off. Our dedication to delivering world-class experiences is what stands our team apart. We draw upon decades of experience working alongside international sports authorities, high profile clubs, venue operators and governing bodies hosting major events.

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Healthcare & Education

The creation of responsive, healing and nurturing environments, drawing inspiration from the communities that use them most.

Our specialists work for over 50 NHS Trusts as well as primary, higher and further education clients; private sector health providers and as part of international teams delivering integrated mixed-use environments.

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Our everyday spaces, crafted to an exceptional level of design.

The places we live, work and play have a huge impact on our communities. Through a precise, pragmatic approach, we demonstrate our responsibility to create creative, sustainable and viable developments.

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Morson Offices Centenary Way AFL Architects external

Commercial & Specialist Services

The user experience can completely change how a place or company is perceived. This is why making that experience as great as possible through data-driven decisions and extensive experience is essential.

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