AFL Architects | The T-Level Experience - Interview with Rico Crimp
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The T-Level Experience - Interview with Rico Crimp

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Last week, Rico Crimp completed the bulk of his work experience at AFL as part of his T-Level course at Southport College.

Rico started his work experience at the beginning of 2024 and has had the opportunity to work across a variety of sectors and teams during his time AFL. We recently sat down with Rico and talked about how he found his time here.

"My first impressions were that AFL is a very modern and organised office, they accompanied me with my own desk which provided me with plenty of working space and personal space. The people at AFL are also very friendly and welcoming."

I have been rotated between different teams in the office, gaining knowledge on their specialities.

"They have involved me with designing tasks using different software’s as well as teaching me how to make an area schedule and essential guides when designing," Rico Says, "I have become more enthusiastic and confident with the designing element of architecture but I still have a lot of the technical side to learn"

"Placement has helped me experience a side of work that college cannot teach me, I have been engaged in tasks that I have never been taught before which has overall boosted my confidence when I return to college and when I join a workplace as I feel AFL have given me a head start."

Work Experience has allowed Rico to develop his knowledge of software.

"Some highlights during my work experience are how my computer knowledge has expanded on various apps which will help me in the future."

"I have expanded my knowledge on Revit, which has helped me to create more detailed drawings, as well as this, I have learnt a whole new software called Twin motion, which has brought my 3D models to life."

"My most memorable experience was when I rendered and exported my finished models for the first time, because my first question to my mentor was “How do I make my models look real?”, and that's what AFL helped me do."