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Why Cork? - Rita Ochoa

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Discover the untapped potential of cork in architecture. Rita Ochoa's latest article explores why cork stands out as one of the most sustainable materials for building design. Explore why cork deserves more attention as a green building material than you might think and take a sneak peak at the article below!

Cork stands as a testament to nature's ingenuity

Offering a 100% sustainable, versatile, and resilient material prized for its myriad applications in architecture, design, spaceships and beyond. No wonder why Humanity has been harvesting the bark of cork oaks for thousands of years.

Cork has always been a part of my life in Portugal. Cork trees are everywhere in the country, and cork is used in many aspects of life there, from boats, in the space industry, sports, sound engineering, internal finishes, insulation, saunas, stamps, furniture, cladding, jewellery, footwear, clothing, and insulation to wine stoppers. The Portuguese industry of cork has been organised for over 300 years and the country is the largest producer of cork in the world.

What is Cork?

"One day, I still hope to be able to make a house completely out of cork. It will generate a fusion of new material, space, function and experience. Cork is above all a timeless material that links the past, present and future thanks to its sustainability. It is what connects nature, architecture and people. Cork offers me this extremely fertile possibility."
Sou Fujimoto

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