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20 Years at Manchester Royal Infirmary: Architecture For Life

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We have adapted.

Our day-to-day lives are looking very different these days. So too is the pace of projects, particularly in healthcare.

At Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust’s Oxford Road site, our teams are currently working on the expansion and refurbishment of a number of departments for the estates team. All these projects are providing enhanced facilities to help in the fight against COVID-19.

So today we express our thanks to our staff, our partners and the estate teams on these projects for continuing on in the face of this challenge.

years on site
current urgent projects
projects on the Oxford Road site alone

We have worked with Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, in all its forms, for 20 years.

Our current projects at their central Manchester site are just the latest of many carried out for the Trust, starting with the delivery of PFI assets in 1999 and continuing with:

  • Clinical Sciences Buildings 1, 2 and 3 along with a link bridge
  • Hybrid Theatres, transforming the treatment of patients undergoing cardiovascular operations
  • The Strategic Development Case for Project RED: the redevelopment and extension of the existing adult’s Emergency Department.
  • The JAG-accredited Endoscopy Department
  • Edale House Mental Health Unit
  • NICU Reception and Expansion
  • Observation Wards
  • St Mary’s atrium

Our intimate site knowledge includes the production of the site-wide BIM model, detailed knowledge of the difficulties of fire protection throughout the site, coupled with stringent and warranted infection control requirements.

"AFL has developed a detailed and real vision for the future of healthcare. Projects are administered with due concern for budget and programme, maintaining respect for the integrity of the design and the longevity of the proposal."
Daniel Parry, Director of Estates & Facilities (Development) at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Clinical Sciences Buildings (CSB)

These keystone projects, designed and completed over multiple phases, are the consolidation of various facilities across the wider estate into three buildings on the Oxford Road site.

CSB1 contains the immunology, cytology, histopathology and adult mortuary services. It has been recognised by Clinical Pathology Accreditation (UK) as one of the best centres in Europe.

CSB2 consolidated the Department of Biochemistry and Haematology; the Department of Cytopathology from the Christie Hospital and the Departments of the Public Health Laboratory Services North West, including the Electron Microscope Suite, from Withington Hospital.

CSB3 strengthened the provision of services provided by CSB2. This part of the development also includes a dramatic bridge link connecting over to the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital and St Mary's Hospital for Women and Children.

High specification materials were used throughout the development, chosen on the basis of 10 to 25-year life cycle robustness, quality and value for money.

Hybrid Theatres

This 620sqm hybrid endovascular theatre suite at Manchester Royal Infirmary has transformed the treatment of patients undergoing cardiovascular surgeries. Only a few such facilities exist worldwide that offer the same capabilities.

The suite consists of two hybrid theatres equipped with advanced technology, including a robotic C-arm with the ability to scan patients during surgery, allowing surgeons to perform delicate, minimally-invasive procedures with high-definition imaging.

The suite was designed using an innovative modular construction technique which meets all fire, radiation and sound insulation requirements, but can be quickly disassembled for rapid access to medical gases and cabling.

As one of only a handful of true hybrid theatres, this project has gained national recognition as an exemplar unit. Upon completion, AFL ran workshops to develop an evidence base for this cutting-edge environment.

Manchester Royal Infirmary Hybrid AFL Architects 7

For many of our team, Manchester Royal Infirmary is right on our doorsteps.

As we all settle into our new workspaces, becoming accustomed to talking to clients and colleagues on video calls and juggling our meetings, we are reminded daily of how we are making a positive impact.

We are grateful for the opportunity to make a difference on this crucial estate. But above all, our appreciation goes out to all NHS workers and their tireless dedication to getting us through this crisis.


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