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AFL Champions Sustainability and Legacy at MESIF 2024

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Industry leaders converged at the Middle East Sports Investment Forum 2024, providing a fantastic platform for exploring the future of sports and investments in the Middle East, where our team highlighted our groundbreaking work in sustainable and legacy-focused sports architecture.

AFL’s John Roberts and Jack Morgan recently represented our team at the Middle East Sports Investment Forum 2024.

Their presence at the AFL stand allowed them to engage with industry leaders and showcase AFL’s iconic developments in the region and commitment to sustainability.

John also had the pleasure of participating in the panel session "Incorporating Sustainability and Legacy into Major Sports Projects in the Middle East." Discussions during this session emphasized the critical importance of sustainable sports architecture, addressing both the environmental impact of construction and the sustainable long-term use of these facilities.

Discussions highlighted a common oversight in the planning of major events: the lack of consideration for the long-term use of stadiums.

John cited the London Olympic Stadium as an example of this issue, where post-event usage was not adequately planned, leading to challenges in its long-term functionality and appropriateness.

To address this, AFL now prioritizes legacy use right from the initial stages of venue design. This includes incorporating temporary and demountable sections that can be repurposed, and exploring ways for local community sports infrastructure to benefit from these major events. By reusing demountable stands locally, AFL ensures that the venues remain valuable assets for communities long after the events have concluded.

Looking ahead, we’re continuing to pioneer sustainable sports infrastructure with projects like Oxford United’s new all-electric stadium in the UK.

This groundbreaking facility will be the first of its kind in the country, setting a new standard for environmentally friendly sports venues.

The forum underscored AFL’s dedication to sustainable and legacy-focused sports architecture. Leading the way in designing sports venues that are environmentally responsible and beneficial to local communities, setting new standards for the industry.


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