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AFL at Healthcare Estates 2019

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Visiting Healthcare Estates this year on the 8-9th October? Why not join AFL Architects on Stand E44, where once again we are bringing something a little different to the floor of Manchester Central.

Never content with the usual approach, our stand will be transformed into one large drawing board, encouraging you to contribute to a collective infographic.

Our healthcare work will be showcased alongside the facts and statistics that influence how new healthcare projects are developed.

Through sketched data, our stand will explore the budget that guides the NHS, the Long-Term Plan that drives it, and how the NHS is staying sustainable and responsive within a rapidly changing population.

We have also designed the stand to be wipe clean and reusable, as we are mindful of the typical waste that is produced by one-off conference events.

"This year we want to drive the conversation forward. The healthcare sector is facing unprecedented challenges and the only way to overcome them is by understanding underlying trends. We’re all noticing the changing priorities of estate and clinical teams and it’s important to take advantage of our diverse strengths and see if there’s a way to make our architecture work harder. Creativity and collaboration thrives under constraints."
Sheldon Walsh, Healthcare Director, AFL Architects

Healthcare Director Sheldon Walsh will be at the event, talking through the facts and discussing how we as architects can adapt and bring a creative approach to our clients.

Sheldon and our full healthcare team will be at Stand E44 over both days of the conference. Get in touch if you want to meet.


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