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Practical completion of the new Safeguarding Support Unit for Sheffield Children’s Hospital

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AFL Architects is delighted to announce the practical completion of another key department for Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

The project, an internal refurbishment of an existing ward block, has transformed the space to provide new clinics and offices for a new Safeguarding Support Unit.

Originally located in a separate ward block, all facilities have been decanted into a more appropriate location, with improved flexibility of space and patient flow.

Dropped bulkheads and colourful finishes in the flooring denote the different clinical areas whilst bespoke storage solutions maximise space use.

A comforting atmosphere has been carefully crafted to soften the clinical feel at what can be a stressful time for patients and families.

An emphasis on play and interactivity sets the theme.

On patient entrance, the main waiting area holds a bright digital art installation, with two projectors in the exam rooms. These moving images are eye catching, ultimately capturing young childrens’ imaginations and making it easier for their carers to keep them entertained.

Bright, colourful furnishings complement floral patterns on doors and walls, the result of a collaboration with the Artfelt charity. This creates a continual colour flow throughout, enriching the environment and giving a clear indication as to the department’s purpose.


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