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Barrier Seating at Molineux Stadium and the Premier League

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Wolverhampton Wanderers FC continues to break records at Molineux Stadium, with their latest game against Liverpool FC seeing attendance figures of 31,746 – the highest since its redevelopment in 2012.

This season’s impressive run is also marked as the first with barrier seating, following the AFL team’s design and technical guidance on the project last year. Their success this season has been the catalyst for more clubs to investigate barrier seating options in their own home grounds.

Wolves were the first Premier League club to install seats incorporating barriers in an existing stadium.

The Sir Jack Hayward Stand (South Bank) of Molineux Stadium now has a barrier seating capacity of approximately 5,550, making it the first whole stand in the Premier League to be installed with barriers. The North Bank has 2,000 seats with barriers. Installation of the barriers further brought a previously unusable wheelchair platform back into use.

The project was one of many major upgrades planned by the club, with who AFL has worked continuously with since 2008.

"I’m glad to have been a part of the responsible design and installation of barrier seating, especially at this scale in the Premier League. Prioritising safety while recognising fan habits is the right way forward for the club. The recent atmosphere at the stadium has also been incredible."
John Hampton, Associate Director

Barrier seating is a safer solution for those fans who prefer to stand at matches.

Their introduction by our team was made with close consultation with safety experts to ensure compliance with the Sports Ground Safety Authority’s (SGSA) Green Guide. The SGSA revised its guidelines regarding the use of barrier seating in 2018.

Following the project, we have since provided advice to several clubs across the UK that are interested in a safer alternative to traditional seating.


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