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Redevelopment of Millwall FC Stadium at the heart of Regeneration Proposals

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AFL Architects is pleased to announce a positive step forward in the proposals for The Den, the home of Millwall FC, following discussions with the club and residential developer Renewal.

On the 6th February, Lewisham Council agreed a visionary new masterplan for the area around The Den. This is an important step forward in enabling the successful regeneration of the wider Surrey Canal Triangle area, with Millwall FC at its heart.

See the full project here.

AFL has been working in collaboration with Millwall FC and the Renewal design team for the past few months to develop proposals for The New Den and the area surrounding it, known as New Bermondsey.

The proposals under development include a strategy for incremental, phased expansion of the existing stadium, up to a total maximum capacity of 34,000 seats, built as additional upper tiers behind the existing seating bowl. This will not only provide the facilities needed to meet Premier League requirements – such as additional media and player accommodation – but also in time provide enhanced facilities for fans to transform their match day experience.

Part of the proposal is the creation of a vibrant new public plaza at the heart of New Bermondsey, providing a valuable amenity for the surrounding community – new and old – as well as an engaging space for fans on match days. This is elevated over parking and service areas and accommodates retail, commercial and community use spaces along the street frontages. Complementing all of this will be flexible commercial space for events and conferencing, alongside residential developments that would drive additional funding to the surrounding site.

"It has been a long and at times difficult journey to this point, but we are delighted with progress now. As long as we can secure an appropriate new lease, we can play our part in the growth and development of Millwall Football Club and its community. Over time we will bring our stadium up to Premier League standards while ensuring that our presence in Lewisham is sustainable and that we remain a force for good."
Steve Kavanagh, Millwall Chief Executive
"This news is the best of all possible outcomes. Not only does the club have a clear plan for their future growth that retains their unique brand, but the wider South Bermondsey community reap the benefits. It has been a long road for the club, but we are thrilled to be a part of this exciting, sustainable regeneration and look forward to putting the plans in motion."
Bruce Caldwell, Associate Director, AFL Architects

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