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Wrexham AFC Co-Chairmen Open New Facilities at the Racecourse Ground

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Wrexham AFC co-chairmen Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds visited the Racecourse Ground earlier this month to officially open new facilities. It was the first time the new co-chairmen have visited since taking over the club in 2020.

A new viewing platform for disabled spectators has been built at the National League’s grounds, increasing wheelchair capacity from 56 to 69. Another viewing platform is planned for the near future. The Premier League's Football Stadia Improvement Fund has also allowed for additional improvements to toilet and catering facilities.

The new stadium improvements form part of a larger redevelopment project of the ground, designed and delivered by AFL Architects.

Gemma Thomas/Wrexham AFC
Gemma Thomas/Wrexham AFC
Gemma Thomas/Wrexham AFC
Gemma Thomas/Wrexham AFC
"Inclusivity is vital at all levels of football, but especially for clubs like Wrexham, where the fans are right at the heart of it all. Accommodating people with wheelchairs or ambulant disabled not only ensures everyone can attend matches, but it sends the right message of intent to new, old, and future fans. This is how you make a difference and set your sights on bigger things."
John Roberts, Director, AFL Architects
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