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Ashgabat Olympic Stadium

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The concept for Ashgabat Olympic Stadium was unique: a national landmark that reflects the cohesive, white marble aesthetic of Ashgabat and incorporates Turkmenistan's most prize symbol - the Akhal Teke horse.

The result is a world-class stadium and the central arena within the city's new 1,466,400m² sports complex. Hosting both the opening and closing ceremonies of AIMAG 2017, it is now an IAAF and FIFA compliant international multisport venue and music arena.

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The waving membrane of the roof evokes the desert winds and the galloping movement of the Akhal Teke central structure.

It was at once the key conceptual element and the greatest challenge.

Only through working closely with all design partners, and producing a shared model, could the balance between design intent and delivery be realised.


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