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Ebbsfleet Green

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A 100-acre development as part of the Ebbsfleet Garden City. The scope of the project encompasses 950 new dwellings and retail / commercial employment use allocation. At its heart, the development includes a new primary school, district centre, a 3-star 100 room hotel, 220 cover pub and restaurant, community leisure allocation and small office provision.

The new homes, many completed on site, are a mix of one and two bed apartments and three, four and five bedroom houses for private sale. PRS and shared ownership housing makes up 25% of allocation.

The vision for Ebbsfleet Green is to create a high-quality, well-connected, mixed-use neighbourhood, providing an exceptional place for people to live.

Ebbsfleet Green adopts a green infrastructure-led approach, embracing sustainability and accessibility at all levels.

The development will create diverse quality homes and spaces for both existing and new residents to enjoy. Homes have been designed to reflect the long-term changing needs of residents, from young families through to older residents and those with extra-care needs. Working with best practice advice, we have reflected our deep understanding of accessibility needs, applying knowledge to practical design outputs.

Well-designed green spaces make up 30% of the land. A network of cycle paths and footpaths will encourage an active outdoor lifestyle. Tree lined avenues and an attractive network of green spaces provide a framework for the development. Landscape corridors accommodate attractive open spaces, SuDs, wildlife habitats, allotments, greens and linkages that provide amenity and resources for the community. Sports pitches, LEAPs, NEAPs and a MUGA complete the landscape provision.

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Affordable housing provision

Two new proposed community buildings, designed by AFL, will act as placemaking anchors.

A small hub provides a cafe and flexible space in the centre of the development to use for a variety of events, meetings and other community gatherings. A larger multi-use community building will offer mixed sports use including badminton and gymnastics.

Both buildings look to act as placemaking anchors in the new Ebbsfleet community whilst also looking to engage new residents in greater physical activity. Continual engagement with this growing community through a variety of accessible methods has ensured the incorporation of their diverse their space, time and facility requirements.

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