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Ebbsfleet Green

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A 100-acre development as part of the Ebbsfleet Garden City. The scope of the project encompasses 950 new dwellings including a new primary school, district centre, hotel, community leisure allocation and small office provision for the Redrow client.

The vision for Ebbsfleet Green is to create a high-quality, well-connected, mixed-use neighbourhood, providing an exceptional place for people to live.

The development will create quality homes and spaces for both existing and new residents to enjoy. Well-designed green spaces with a network of cycle paths and footpaths will encourage an active outdoor lifestyle.

Ebbsfleet heights AFL Architects
Affordable housing provision

The project adopts a green infrastructure-led approach and embraces sustainability at all levels.

Tree lined avenues and an attractive network of green spaces provide a framework for the development.

Landscape corridors accommodate attractive open spaces, SuDs, wildlife habitats, allotments, greens and linkages that provide amenity and resources for the community. Sports pitches, LEAPs, NEAPs and a MUGA complete the landscape provision.

Ebbsfleet Green Swanscome AFL Architects Southern Village

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