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Krasnodar Stadium

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The winning design of a 45,000 capacity stadium, chosen by the candidate city of Krasnodar for hosting the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

This dynamic venue was designed to provide accommodation for a variety of commercial activities and cultural events, making it a vibrant and active space all year round, not just on match days.

The ecological importance of the Krasnodar region to Russia is a focal point of the design.

The site, located in the southernmost region of Russia, is prone to warm weather, making it ideal for growing crops.

The stadium itself is surrounded by parkland and is placed alongside the river Kuban which feeds into one of the large lakes of the area. The land is fertile and known for its golden crop: wheat.

The design approach, influenced by the Russian artist and architect El Lissitsky, is of golden shards on varying elevations representative of sunflower petals.

These shards peel away from the bowl, revealing the excitement and activities happening inside. The perforated alloy metal sheets act as shading screens, reducing the reliance on air conditioning.

AFL Architects Kuban Stadium 15

Sensitive to its parkland surroundings, the roof is designed to retain the atmosphere and focus it onto the pitch.

A third of the site is retained as a green area for picnicking, whilst the carparking is designed to be split with wooded avenues. The stadium itself is located to the south of the plot, presenting itself clearly onto the main roads and easily seen from the nearby road bridge.


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