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Adamson House Refurbishment

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The refurbishment of Morson International’s headquarters, originally designed and delivered by our architectural team in 2010.

Drawing inspiration from biophilic design, this refresh was a recognition of the exceptional business growth and development of the Morson brand. An emphasis on natural materials and forms reflects a business more and more focused on the health and wellbeing of their staff.

The catalyst to the project was the celebration of Morson International’s 50 years in business.

The brief for AFL’s interiors team was to create a unique reception space, staff break out areas, floor landings, and lobbies within their corporate headquarters. In summary, they were to create a workspace that is considered a good place to be.

The relationship with the client was already well developed: the Residential & Commercial team having originally designed and delivered the offices themselves. The team therefore already understood the client brand, their drivers and the growth of ambition since delivery in 2010. The potential for an interiors refresh had been designed into the office, providing the flexibility for the company to change workspace configurations, develop their teams and allow for new advances in technology.

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The work areas were designed with play in mind; employees can now better engage with the spaces, encouraging creativity and innovation within teams.

The biophilic design aids and improves employee health, expanding on and communicating Morson’s well-established wellbeing initiatives, with moss walls enriching the air itself.

Touches of green, alongside the plants, lighten the space and draw the eye to the timber panels. The 16-metre bamboo tree in the centre of the space, reaching from the reception to the atrium, harmonises the building levels. Visible from every floor, the tree is the finishing piece – the connective element that embodies the culture and values of the company: the desire to reach new places.


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