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Torpedo Stadium

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A vision for the revitalisation of FC Torpedo Moscow's stadium, set within a wider digital sports campus masterplan.

The revolutionary concept honours the club's history, rooting local and community pride deeply into the design, while gifting fans with the rejuvenated stadium they deserve.

The architectural form takes its inspiration from the historic local car industry.

The production of the ZiL car powered the Danilovsky District for almost a century. The design repurposes the unique forms of the ZiL car chassis and reimagines it as an aerodynamic winged roof membrane, ribbed with steel. On the sides, louvres add interest to the concrete frame, and climb upwards at steadily decreasing distances, calling to mind a car’s air grill.

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Rotation of the original stadium sets the axis in line with the glittering Moscow skyline.

Optimising the sun path ensures the main stand will not face the sun from midday to sunset at match time, therefore avoiding overshadowing the field of play and allowing TV cameras to capture matches to international regulatory guidelines.

Events, matches, tours and concerts will be enjoyed in a stadium built to host all.

Accessibility is a theme that has been integrated into every aspect of the masterplan. Spaces for training, leisure and public amenity work together to create a living museum within the stadium, weaving points of cultural and historic interest throughout the landscape while also reconnecting people through enhanced permeability.


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