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The Lead Up to Healthcare Estates - Donate to Friends of the Earth

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Healthcare Estates takes place on the 8th and 9th October this year. AFL will be exhibiting on the theme of the NHS budget and the data that drives new healthcare developments.

In the analysis of the data, we have been confronting the potential impact of new construction on the environment and our responsibility to be sustainable in everything we do – including the waste involved in exhibiting at events.

Architecture for Life is about creating developments that are long-lasting and sustainable for the long-term.

We believe this also means running our business in a continually sustainable way.

Healthcare Estates falls on World Octopus Day – a day that highlights the rapidly declining octopus population as well as several species that are suffering due to ocean plastics.

In response, AFL have created a stand that is designed to be wipe-clean and reusable as we continue to confront the issue of single-use products.

We are also donating £1 to Friends of the Earth for every person who subscribes to our newsletter between the 1st and 9th October. Friends of the Earth is a UK charity dedicated to creating a better environment for the next generation.

Even if you're not visiting the event this year, please take a moment to sign up and help take climate action today.


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