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Paediatric Oncology Unit

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The internal refurbishment of an existing office space to create a new Outpatient Paediatric Oncology Unit at Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

The new facility comprises a nine-bay treatment suite and six consultant rooms and offices.

To create different clinical areas and help with patient flow, colourful finishes in the flooring and dropped bulkheads guide patients to different areas.

This alongside bespoke storage, seating and curved reception desks produce a better patient experience.

AFL Architects Sheffield Hospital 12

The interior is specifically designed with young patients in mind.

We collaborated with an artist to create a continuous flow of graphic images, enriching the spaces and providing gentle stimulation whilst softening the overall feel. The clinic rooms have floral patterns printed on the doors as well as prints on walls and screens.

A video wall in the waiting area and a projector in the consultant room projects moving images onto the flooring. These activities help create a playful and interesting environment for the patients.

"With a diligent attention to detail, the practice has not only demonstrated their expertise in the delivery of cancer care facilities, but their understanding of the many budget, logistical and technical challenges that are inherent with refurbishment schemes. I have no doubt we appointed the best designers to this project."
Jamie Douglas, Estates Officer
AFL Architects Sheffield Hospital 9

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