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Rutherford Diagnostics Programme of Works

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An ambitious programme of healthcare developments across the UK.

The first of these innovative facilities planned is Rutherford Diagnostics’ HQ, based in Liverpool City Council’s £1bn Paddington Village development. The development will be one of the first facilities to offer a range of cutting-edge diagnostic services including MRI, CT, PET CT, ultrasound and endoscopy.

The interiors for all schemes will follow a palette that utilises natural light, natural materials and warm colour tones - providing a calming and reassuring experience.

Patients will be welcomed into the building with an approachable, reassuring and private point of contact. The use of soft furnishings, artwork and planting mirrors the comfort of home. Meanwhile, staff will be given a collaborative working environment that foster continuous communication and cohesion through flexible modular furniture solutions.

"We are proud to be Rutherford Diagnostics’ chosen architects to aid them in their journey to become leaders in health and cancer care. The spaces we are creating provide a relaxed non-clinical environment that place high-quality patient experiences at their heart."
Ben Horobin, Associate Director, AFL Architects

Future planned design commissions include diagnostic centres of excellence in Derby and Taunton, UK.

The expansion programme of the Rutherford Diagnostics network means the AFL Architects design team has become an integral strategic partner of both Rutherford Diagnostics and Rutherford Estates.


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