Pre-launch Rail Seating Event at Shrewsbury Town FC

AFL Architects, along with press, fans and club executives, kicked off a crowdfunding campaign last night for the introduction of new safe standing rail seats at Shrewsbury Town FC. This pioneering project will make Montgomery Waters Meadow Stadium the first all-seater ground in England to install this fixture.

As stadium specialists, AFL provided technical guidance for the location of the new rail seats, ensuring sight lines were not blocked and the plans conformed to stadium safety regulations. Many of AFL’s designs, including our recent work for Brentford FC, allow for future expansions and alterations to existing stands – making it likely that many clients will soon be following in the footsteps of Shrewsbury Town.

The campaign target is to raise £75,000 and install around 550 rail seats at the stadium. The site can be found at

See the Guardian’s report here. Image credit: