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Woolooware Bay

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A concept for the rejuvenation of Woolooware Bay.

The full masterplan, on the site of a former Toyota facility, includes a museum heritage building, hotel, retail space, residential apartment blocks, student accommodation, medical centre and public open spaces.

Central to this is the stadium, a 32,000 capacity, multi-purpose venue that can be transformed into an indoor arena using StadiArena technology.

The design invites connections between the masterplan’s diverse building elements and the language of the bayside setting.

Organic curving forms, including the stadium roof, marry each facet of the scheme into a cohesive whole. The roofs themselves are envisaged as usable green spaces, providing additional event areas with dramatic, far-reaching views.

Woolooware sits less than 15km from Sydney city centre and within 10km of the airport. The proposals for the area maximise the stunning waterfront views and provide dramatic frontage to the site giving it a unique identity rooted within its context. The stadium sits on the coast of Woolooware Bay, looking across fields of mangroves.

Stadium capacity
Arena capacity
Potential event/sporting uses
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A multi-use sports stadium by day, Woolooware Stadium can be transformed into an intimate arena by night.

Flexibility was integral to the stadium, not only for rugby and football use on the pitch, but as a multi-functional event space. The southernmost stand can be transformed into an indoor venue using StadiArena technology. The system allows for the stand to function as regular seating for stadium events, whilst also creating flexibility within the indoor arena; the first rows of seating on the lower tiers can be retracted to create additional floorspace. A raised stage or raised platforms can be used to increase the quality of view whilst creating a space that can host up to 5,000 people.

Diversification of use ensures economic viability. The development is able to host televised events, sports such as wrestling or basketball, concerts and shows, conferences, and trade events.

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Inspiration for the stadium has been drawn from the unique setting –the neighbouring mangrove forest.

The bay-side mangroves are an important aspect of the Australian landscape. Their form: long straight trunks with canopies of leaves above, are mirrored in the façade of the stadium. This organic mimicry further reflects the language of Woolooware Bay, complementing the water-based setting and creating a fanzone that is an event in itself.

The perforated roof allows light through the forest of columns, mimicking the neighbouring woodland floor, and providing a scattering of natural light that welcomes visitors. The general entrance to both stadium and arena is through this forest of light.

Levels and sections

A high capacity for adaptability creates a venue that can be used all year round for both sporting and non-sporting events. Click each image for full screen.


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